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FALLOUT Pip Boy 2000 mk VI - Mod + Repaint

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Bill has an absolute blast showing you how to add electronics, repaint, and mod this beautiful Pip Boy 2000 mk VI model kit from Bethesda.

Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI



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So just one more part of the kit I haven't taken apart this thing what is.

It hey there fellow maker welcome to the.

Shop bill here and it's no secret that I like fallout we hear like fallout a while back I got the pip-boy from fallout 4 and did a really fun repaint on that when they said they were releasing another one for the new Fallout game I had to get it i pre-ordered it immediately and I am overjoyed because this is a kit it's in pieces and I have to build it and that means I can probably put more stuff into it so I'm gonna tear into this thing unbox it see what we have to work with then come up with a game plan so I can add some more features so here it is the. Wand company made this and I'm excited because they make cool stuff this is the actual box.

I love the the branding that goes into everything they make for fallout stuff yay well here's the construction manual we can just throw that right out that's not true I'm gonna need that and as cute as these vault-tec screwdrivers are probably gonna go get some real ones but I'm keeping these yes definitely gonna keep this box but I'm gonna set it aside for now if this thing goes together with screws I'm gonna be a pretty happy prop maker ooh this part in particular I'm very interested in I have something that I bought a long time ago that I wanted to use in my old one that I might use in this one this is it there are no batteries in this yet let me fill it up and I'll show you what this does first batteries in there well it makes a.

Loud noise there we go that's blinking and that's full so this is an electroluminescent panel e-l panel it's so loud that's the noise that they make hoping that this fits in there or at least is close enough to light it up I'm also hoping there's a place I can stuff this so that we don't have to listen to that all the time so at least it'll be covered got a couple more things here to dive into but these are metal these are cast metal parts so this is the cuff fabric with elastic alright more of the cuff we could also totally redo this in leather if we wanted to although it feels kind of nice we got all kinds of stuff in here I hope it lose anything. We've got all our parts laid out here it's time to come up with a game plan so here's the challenge I'm not sure if I want to repaint this whole thing or not obviously it would be a lot easier to repaint it when it's apart there's so many different pieces but I think what I'm gonna do is put together this tape so I have an easy win early on and then I'll make some decisions from there so we have our screws and then there's a tape guard which is right there like.

That the paint on this is actually fine that's just painting right there the rest of its intrinsic so I get is whether this and it'll be good to go alright I'm gonna get a real screwdriver.

There we go there's a tape the screen is.

Where we have some potential so I'm gonna take this apart and see what sort of room we have to deal with okay look at that this so that is the screen and there's this black plastic part that doesn't want to come off well no there goes that's kind of neat so I can put the screen in and still have room my AEL thing might be able to fit in there it's wow it's really close wait hold on all right let me get my green st and cover this and see how it looks alright this.

Is just a test there we go look at that that lights up really cool like so we just need to put some sort of graphic over that and we're good I've been pawing over all this stuff it's clear to me this is gonna take me a few days to put together so I just want to tackle a little part of it right now there's this really cool grill and this part is meant to go behind it and it's meant to have these tubes on it so that looks like there's lights in there I want to put real lights in it so I found these that I bought forever ago and never used but they're little tea lights and they're they're batteries and they flicker and they're orange which looks really cool so what I want to try and do is put a pair of them in this part and then run wires off on them so we can power them once we figure out where the batteries are gonna go on this thing.

Okay so those LEDs that I liberated are gonna go in here and I'm just gonna cut those things off and hopefully not ruin it let's just double-check that is gonna cover that so this part forward I can take off all right just need to drill.

Out those holes so we can fit our LEDs in there right through and now hopefully.

That should fit in there and then this can go over it yes this is eventually gonna go in there but to make room for those wires I need to cut a slot in this guy and I think we're okay it looks like this part eventually goes like that so you're never gonna see that bottom there and they cut a slot in that slides in.

And we're good our wires can now come out the bottom time to attach these and I'm just gonna use a little bit of hot glue.

There we go now just wire those together and we should be all set.

There all right let's see if those work.

So basically these are hooked up in parallel positive just get connected to the positive and then that runs to the battery same thing with the negative the original battery pack was three tiny coin cell batteries that were 1.5 volts each we went with this pack here which is three double A batteries which is also 1.5 each the same amount of voltage so that means we're good to go all right let's see if this works these bulbs have to go on and they are retained by the top of it there this part here I might paint a little bit like dry bars maybe some rubbing buff on that I think would look really cool I think this goes over it let's light it up and see how it looks and lights yeah yeah that looks really legit oh my goodness that looks so cool Robin Duff fresh bottle of rub. And buff which I happen to get everywhere anyway some of it got on my finger so I can carefully graze the surface here and add a silver shine to the highlights which looks really great there we go a little bit of a shine now I can go clean myself up so this piece it was just black and I wanted to call out all that really cool texture on that so that's why you hit it with rubbing buff and now we put it in there and it looks a little bit more interesting in the background especially when we put this top on and it's got that nice layered effect that actually that does help quite a bit you can actually see that texture through there I like that glad I did that with that light all sorted I've gone and nolde everything out and I think I want to do some painting actually I know I want to do some painting I already got my paint out the first thing I want to do all of the kind of olive drab looking parts here I want to paint my own version of that color I would love for it to be a little bit metallic I just don't want this to look like plastic the way it is by itself so I mix up some paint here's the paint I came up with the final result looks like this which is painted directly on top of the bare plastic which looks like that so this is just a little bit more green and it's got a tiny bit of a metallic sparkle in there and that comes from this bronze and to get my green I used a yellow and there's been like blue and then a little bit of tan so that's all mixed up in my airbrush I'm gonna paint this directly onto the bare plastic without priming or sanding or anything I think if this were to wear away down to this plastic it would actually just kind of look cool so no priming I'm just gonna clean this up with a little bit of alcohol so that the surface is nice and clean and then I'll get to airbrushing.

Well I don't want to get any of that gonna mess that off.

Before I paint this I do want to take this text off here first though let's take a photo so I know how to reproduce that I actually have a ruler so I can use that for scale and I'm just gonna zap a photo with my phone there we go I can recreate that later to make a stencil and now I'm gonna use my acetone to hopefully wipe the yellow text off oh yeah let's take it right off it's actually I think melting the plastic the the text actually didn't really quite come all the way off there it's a little bit raised up this is probably ABS plastic so the acetone is probably chewing into that maybe instead of the acetone I'll just sand this off just get a 400 grit sandpaper here that seems to be doing the trick so I just handed this down to like 1200 grit and then hit it with a little bit of plastic polish and now it should be ready for paint these.

Little parts here are plastic but they're I'm guessing meant to look like metal some of the parts are actually metal and I do kind of like the finish on here so I'm gonna leave these as is but these little parts I'm gonna paint more metallic for that I'm gonna use this multi chrome molo towel Mollet Oh volatile I don't know mo l OTO W let's give it a go.

I think that's it cool those are really.

Shiny for these red guys I have this clear red I'm gonna try that with a little bit of that maybe try and mix this Chrome with it maybe it's crazy maybe it's not we'll see what happens there's a very dark translucent red ooh it's kind of cool all right let's spray it and see what it looks like okay you know it's pretty.

Good no the red button there the black I'm gonna leave as is but I want to paint that so I've got a piece of masking tape here just can I fold it in half and cut half a circle in it hopefully it's about the right size now and I unfold that I have a circle I can kind of fit around my button now I can airbrush that so these are my olive drab.

Parts these parts here came with this sort of greenish metallic finish on there and I liked it but I think that I want something that's got a little more contrast than the color I have down here so I think I might actually repaint all these parts a like a gunmetal and I know that that'll change up the sort of color scheme of this whole thing a little bit but I'm okay with that really really making this my own these little pieces are held on just with a little bit of double stick tape I can just tape it down to the wood and then peel off the backing and then stick my piece down these little pieces would normally just want to fly away from the air I'll show you if I just have that sitting there and I try to paint it oh you stay there little buddy so yeah double stick tape is awesome link down below hey while I'm working on that painting I'd like to take a moment to thank our patrons over on patreon.com slash punished props because of your support we're able to do these really fun projects in our fantastic shop space couldn't do it without you if you'd like to jump in on the fun you can head on over to patreon marcom slash punish props consider tossing us a buck and getting access to behind-the-scenes vlogs every week early access on all of our build videos plus extra credit videos for all of our build videos thank you so much for the support let's get back to the build so this is the window.

Part of the screen and it came with this like window vinyl decal thing that's that like sticks to it like that but I have a better idea of course we're gonna try and make it more fancy let's head to the computer okay I'm over at the 3d printer land here I've got a scape open and this is the graphic that came with the pip-boy I just want to make my own to get a pip-boy screen that I like I found just an image on the Internet and I'm gonna use that use Photoshop or some other editor I'm using Pixlr it's a free online one I want this to be black and white so we'll adjust it to make it we can just crank down the saturation there we go and then I wanted to be a more have more contrast so we will go to adjust the brightness and contrast and crank up the contrast so the whites are lighter and the blacks are darker and then I'm gonna save that and then that black and white image will get dropped into Inkscape here so I can size it appropriately like that and then I can print this out hopefully it'll look great I'm gonna print that graphic on some transparency film now this is meant for a copier hopefully it works in our laser printer let's give it a try besides took the. Same Chuck that in there and see how it goes.

That looks pretty cool look at that all. Right let's go see how it looks in our pip-boy so here's our al panel that's gonna go in the screen here's what we just printed that's gonna go over it let's see how it looks that's so cool look at it oh man that looks great so.

This thing is gonna work out it looks apart for sure this inverter is a little big and I found another one on Amazon it actually came with all this al wire that I'm not gonna use I couldn't find this by itself but this is only ten bucks not bad so we're gonna use this instead this should be easier to hide somewhere in the pip-boy somewhere because it takes up far less room it's also a tiny bit quieter give it a go nice then I guess.

Next we want to fit this inside of our screen thing.

There we go now this goes here and this screen needs.

To go in actually like that this is the part that's supposed to go behind it but I think that's what's supposed to hold it in but I'm not gonna use this oh I have an idea I can cut all of this off and use the frame to pin everything in there I think that's what I'm gonna do I just need to cut the screen part off of this I cut.

This part off and hopefully this will now still retain all of these parts when I push them all together there we go hey alright so now it's being held in there I want to fit my e-l panel under this thing that's holding it but it's a little long so I'm gonna cut the e-l panel everything I've read says it's totally cool and it'll still work so long as the part that you leave is connected to the connector so let's go for it let's see what happens alright it still.

Works so now it should be able to fit in here and then this can go over it and.

Under that up there we go that is a really tidy solution in there and it. Looks amazing rave mode coming instructions all laid out and I'm gonna start following them and putting everything together until we get to the point that we want to add another one of our mods some stickers go in this panel here before I do that I want to hit this with a little rub and buff to make it look a little more metallic so I'm just masking everything else off so I can quickly go over that with some rub and buff.

Hae-in's like a surgeon have either had too much coffee or not enough no yeah.

Yeah these there's a texture piece in there and I want that to have a little bit of rubbing buff so I'm gonna mask it and add that while I go and just kind of.

Graze the top of that there we go.

There's a nice little little bit of extra something see this filling goes in there thanks oh yeah there we go that.

Looks okay then this goes in there and this is just the wire for my panel I don't know what I'm gonna do with you yes I made up havin to take this whole thing apart again but that's okay I've been keeping all my parts in these trays here they're just plastic trays they're really cheap I think I got him my name is on I got a bunch of them here you can see so for small parts that you might lose while you're working so helpful to be able to split them up into their own trays also I've got my magnet tray most of the time I just throw magnetics up in there like screws and bolts and springs this way though nothing gets lost I try not to set stuff down on the table because it'll roll off the table if I can set it in here or in there at least I'm limited to having to dig through here and not on the floor I do like that they have real metal decorative hardware that's just really nice well we got one shot at this make it count this is nice a nice little piece of aluminum on there that looks really great okay so these are the wires that came with this kit and I have similar colored wires they're just a little thicker so I'm gonna go with those I just think they're a little more substantial I know I have a crimping tool somewhere I did not find my crimping tool but I found a small pair of vise grips so there we go. That is on there so they have different settings for radiation and I think I'm gonna go with the highest one my vault dweller likes live life on the ragged edge so that goes out there that can go.

In here there we go oh that looks nice. Now can attach all our wires yeah.

Alright it's time to work on some really tiny parts there's these little metal rods and then these look like little pulleys and then these look like little caps that go on them there we go right and this switch goes in like that it.

Goes around there it goes around there then this goes around this once we are.

On to the other side of the page I'm. Gonna start putting all this together now we'll need to figure out like where batteries go I got the most adorable little Bluetooth speaker it's so tiny I. Figure out where this is gonna go in the body of the Pip Boy and also how I'm gonna power it and all that stuff so I think I'm gonna put everything kind of mostly together and then start to sort that stuff out now eventually these wires need to go in these holes and since I use thicker wires they won't fit but fortunately there's a fix for that.

There we go come on now I think I can.

Push most of that together that looks pretty okay there we go that goes like that and then this goes like that yeah then I can close it nice that is quite the addition right there this whole portion okay this this bolts this short.

Bolt with threads on either end needs to go in there and I think I have to thread it into the plastic you know I'm gonna do to make my life easier nice see it's.

A lot nicer now there are big cavities here which means we will probably try and fit our Bluetooth speaker in there which is where the actual fake speaker goes like so but I think I'm gonna put it all together first and then try and make heads or tails of it if I have to take it apart to add some parts that's not a big deal so let's push forward and put all these pieces together and then this goes in there okay so that's a problem my wiring is kind of in the way yeah I can I can trim a little bit of this out so this area here is all going to get removed.

Let's see if it'll fit around my wires okay look at that guess this fellow just slides in there no it's just really loose I wonder if I just spin a spool a bunch of it in there if it'll stay there we go maybe when I open this I'll glue it on the other side so the next step involves the cuff here and they've included these little snap in plastic things to retain it so these just go through these holes and then you press it in and it snaps into the body I want to be able to remove this these snap bits here are intended to be permanent so instead of using these I'm going to thread those holes got some screws here and we'll use these instead to screw it in so that I can take this off later the cuff is okay but I think at some point in the future I'd like to replace it with leather but that would probably be its own video so for now I'm just gonna attach this temporarily I could probably self thread these they seem like they're about the right size for an m4 screw so I'm just gonna self tap this one yeah that's just fine.

Now I should just be able to put that in there and screw it in I recommend working from the middle out it's a lot easier to get out the ones in the middle when the outside ones are not screwed in already so the the rest of the cuff there's a separate part it looks like it's held on with Chicago screws which i think is great these stems here the socket parts those go in like that and the screws which is great that's a. Temporary bond I can take that apart if I want to so these screws are tapping.

Into a socket so they're cutting their own threads I went and got a bigger screwdriver for some leverage could not imagine trying to do this with this little guy here I imagine if you're putting together one of these kits you've got your own two screwdrivers at home these two pieces should just snap together and I should be able to take that off no there goes working as.

Intended and then you can change the size and then lock it so that was the last step of the traditional build it fits lovely on my arm here I also learned that this if you squeeze that and pop it open that's how you open this which is a really really wonderful little mechanism take my tape holotape pop it in there backwards like that and. Then this kink Oh like that okay so this.

Is basically the kit we've made mods along the way I just have to figure out a couple more things so I'm gonna take some of this apart Bluetooth speaker al panel and lights I have to get power to those and I have to figure out if I can fit my tiny little Bluetooth speaker in here the trick is this al panel and the LEDs we put in there I want to run them off the same battery this was the inverter that runs that it's necessary to run the al wire I took that apart and. This is what's left over here of the inverter - the batteries and instead of hooked those up to a smaller battery pack these are two triple A batteries instead of two double A batteries same amount of voltage so we're all good there I will put a switch on it but this goes in there and you can see that lights up our LEDs and then it goes up to our inverter and I can push this button and turn that on this battery pack is powering both that and both that and I'm really happy this fella here you have to push this button to turn it on so if that loses power so if I had a switch and I turn that off okay I'm gonna put it back on my LEDs come on but that doesn't come on I have to push the button I don't want to have to do that so I think I'm gonna find a way to push it down permanently in some way just soldering replacing the battery contacts with just some some wires here so to keep these leads from ripping out at any time I'm just gonna hot glue them down see if that works for us the the hot. Glue didn't seem to work the button really needs to be pressed hard so instead I'm just bridging the gap between those two leads on that switch on the back side and hopefully that works OOP now when it gets power that thing turns on great this is the wires for the. E-l panel I need it need that to go in there so I'm going to drill a big ol hole I might have a couple of wires hanging out back here but I'm ok with that.

Jeez classic so grabby that's what you get for using twist drills that's what I get anyway there we go all of this stuff will live in there but now I can hook this up and just throw it all in there and then this just has to go to our battery these are the wires for the LEDs and I need to get them kind of near these guys so I think I'm just gonna drill a hole here and here and just run it across you'll never see that so I think it's gonna be okay.

Then these guys can get connected and they will run to the switch and then battery so this knob knob is supposed to be installed in there but instead I'm gonna install this button this is an on/off toggle this will turn our lights on and off and the screen on and off it needs to go in there though and I think it won't fit I think I need to cut that off I'm gonna try and fit that in there and then we can wire everything to it so this step it is good for cutting holes and really thin material like I should have used that instead of a twist drill on the frame when I was drilling a hole for the e-l panel I'm just gonna use it to carefully cut this hole out see how. Nice and gentle that was there we go of.

Course all of that needs to fit in this hole so I'll drill this out as well.

Fantastic because of the order all this stuff has to get put together I'm actually gonna trim this little tab off this helps hold two of the pieces together but we don't need it it's just gonna get in the way alright the new way this goes together now this part just sort of lays on top of that this goes through and then when I tighten this it holds it all together there we go actually it looks really nice so this used to be there we're probably just not going to use that and we'll just use this so one of these will get hooked up to this and then it'll go to the battery.

All right so this container here has plenty of room in it in fact it has enough room for a to triple-a battery holder so that's why that's gonna live the only thing is it'll be covered and I don't want to have to unscrew this to change the battery so I think I'm just gonna cut a hole right in this the the cuff will be against it you'll never see it open up there too kinda down there.

That'll do now it's time to attach this permanently I think I'm just going to use hot glue so I'll sand the back of this so that it's nice and grippy.

That feels good this feels good feels. Right though should go through here and.

They can join everything else in there.

This should be able to close we can. Reach our batteries that's awesome and now I can screw that back in got everything set up temporarily and I'm gonna see if my power button does everything it's supposed to do yeah that.

Is exactly what I was hoping would happen that's fantastic awesome I can solder this I can button all this up and then we can move on to the next thing.

That's great ah all right one more mod I have this tiny Bluetooth speaker and I need to see if I can fit it in there all.

Right so this is the tiniest little Bluetooth speaker I could find that was on Amazon I was like 14 bucks and it is like almost the perfect size it can almost already fit in there all by itself so it's just connected to my phone what. I want to be able to do is put the speaker there but also I have access to the power button to turn it on and off and the charging port so I can plug it in and charge it right there so I need to try and take this apart which could be tricky because I know this was not designed to come apart oh come on I'm.

Worried if I just hinge it if I'll break something because the the wiring in here it must be just really short yeah there's a tiny little battery in there so this is what's left of the case and this is the entire Bluetooth speaker I was able to get it out carefully let's see if it still works it still works that's great this needs. To go in there but I definitely want to cover it because this is meant to go like that this is meant to go over it but that's gonna block all the noise so I want to put some sort of grate or mesh over this okay that is the button to turn this thing on and off and I want to be able to turn it on and off using a different button so I'm just gonna wire this in tandem with that I guess but it's really tiny so I have this really thin wire I'm gonna try and solder down to the board so these are are connected if I touch them together that should turn it on I hope I don't know okay let's see if this.

Button works nope I made a lot of progress so these little wires are now connected to bigger wires which are connected to this switch when I hold it for three seconds it turns on so now I can run this power button anywhere I want in our pip-boy now to charge this fella it's got this little USB plug and I could try and cut a hole in the case and have that sticking out but I think it'd be a lot easier to just plug the charging cable that came with into this and then run this out a hole this will just be dangling but we'll hide it behind the cuff and then you can just plug it in to charge it nice and then.

Everything can get tucked away I modified the end of my USB cord here so I have a little more room to work with that's gonna go through this hole then hopefully all of this can go in there and then I just have to hook up this button I'm thinking I drill a hole for this to go and in fact I can do that next and then that can go in this way.

And screw it on although I think I wanted to be a little more flush so this is just held on with this nut now we can. Turn it on and off right there and the rest of this stuff can go in where it belongs what I attached this speaker here and I think a couple of dollops of hot glue should do the trick there and then hopefully there's a.

President place so this is the cover that came with it and we're not going to use it cuz it will block all the sound but Britney found these drain covers that we had in the bathroom and I just use one of those we got a little piece of this metal mesh here I'll cut that to size and hopefully we can make that work I think I'm ready.

To put everything together I just rearranged everything in there so it fits this little guy here before I was mentioning it wasn't wanting to stay so I took it apart and tied a knot in it and now that I can stuff it in there we won't have any problems with that coming out this covers that okay now our mesh.

Is in there and I can go and cover this all that looks really wonderful I love it so much now that everything is screwed together let's see if it still works got a Bluetooth speaker hold on wait play music.

All right all I have left to do now is whether it put the cuff back on it I'm calling it good well before I can weather and I had to put the text back on there so I think I think I'll make a stencil and just paint some some text on there.

The pimp in the middle of the a is just that's just gone I cut these out on the vinyl cutter this is teeny-tiny but it handled it like a champ you can also make your own stencils with masking tape or even with a 3d printer waterslide decals maybe you could do waterslide decals that's right those things are awesome yeah the parts in the middle are just gone that's that's now that is now okay.

Should be able to peel away the 14 there.

We go this is why I splurged on two different widths of Tamiya tape.

Nice now we can weather it.

They called me pip-boy man pimp man this. Is my collection now all I need now is a fallout 3 Pip Boy to complete the whole look this was really ridiculously fun I love that they went with a kit for this that you have to assemble and build yourselves already I've seen other people doing similar mods to theirs I think I saw our friends lightning cosplay put a Bluetooth speaker in their Pip Boy as well so maybe welcome meetup we can be pip-boy buddies hey thanks for joining us on this one I hope that if you got this kit you give it a try and mod it a little bit maybe it's a little bit of paint there's so many options with this and it was a ton of fun to put together as always all the tools and materials that we used for this build can be found down below if you want to see how we did the fallout 4 Pip Boy this guy right here that I made look super post-apocalyptic and rusty and gritty we've got a video for that you go check that out of course if you're new you want to hit that subscribe button we have new prop and costume making videos coming out every single week and thank you to our patrons who support us and in return get access to behind the scenes blogs extra credit videos for which I will be recording one for this fella right here and of course early access on all of our videos thank you so much that's all I've got for you today from the shop here I'm gonna get to work on the next thing and I hope you join me I'll see you in the next build hey I bet you think I forgot to show what's in here let's take it apart and see I think it's a toothpick I don't know why this would come with a toothpick but it is a.

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